Preview: Morrissey at the Brighton Centre


National icon and ex-frontman of one of Britain’s most important indie bands in history The Smiths, the ever notorious Morrissey is heading to the Brighton Centre on March 3rd as part of his UK and Ireland tour. This is a show that is sure to be rife with lascivious wit, politicised ramblings, and of course a multitude of hits.

Subtlety has never been Morrissey’s strong point, with his recent Glasgow gig getting a lot of media attention for his comments on the Scottish First Minister Nicolas Sturgeon, which apparently resulted in some fans exiting early. Similarly his latest album Low in High School has received mixed receptions. The album was typically drenched in pretentiousness and his unique vocals, and whether you like it or not, it is quintessentially Morrissey. Morrissey brings drama wherever he goes and that is exactly what people love (or hate) about him. From banning meat at the venues he plays to his enigmatic interview style, the man is entertainment at its finest.

What cannot be questioned though is Morrissey’s undying talent. Forging a career from a working class background to become one of the most recognisable faces in British music, his pure unparalleled ability in theatricality, poeticising lyrics and encapsulating a romanticised angst speaks entirely for itself. The Smiths remain one of the most important bands in modern history with a legacy that is still thriving, and as a solo artist Morrissey has become a bitter-sweet cultural emblem.

Morrissey completes his tour at the London Palladium on March 10th.


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