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A gripping set of orchestral favourites make up the programme of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s concert, ‘Hall of Fame’, under the baton of BSO Leverhulme Young Conductor-in-Association, Victor Aviat, at 7pm on Saturday the 28th April in the Bournemouth Pavilion. Aviat first took on his position as Young Conductor-in-Association in 2016 and has since performed in Poole, Bournemouth and Meyrick Park, making him a recognisable part of BSO activity. Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Suite, Grieg’s ‘Piano Concerto’ and Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances are juxtaposed to form an evening which will be undoubtedly filled with the dreamy, luscious and fiery atmospheres closely associated with these works. Additionally, Classic FM radio broadcaster Anne-Marie Minhall will be presenting this concert.

An indisputably influential giant in the ballet genre, Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sleeping Beauty‘ is an unforgettably beautiful offering to ballet. Yet despite the composer’s intentions to create a suite from the work soon after its premiere, this goal was unfulfilled up until his death. It was only posthumously that the five movement work which will be performed in ‘Hall of Fame’ was published. Delving into the classic Grimm’s fairy tales, many characters from the writer feature throughout, with the harmonic and melodic devising of Tchaikovsky conjuring images of a fantasy landscape.

From the iconic declaration of the opening until the final bar, Grieg’s ‘Piano Concerto’ seeps style and extravagant virtuosity which is impossible to disengage from. Despite Grieg’s inexperience in orchestral writing at the time of the work’s conception, the success of the instrumental whole is confident and engaging; the soloist and orchestra creating an ever changing dialogue through the course of its half hour duration.

Completed in 1940, the Symphonic Dances were Rachmaninov’s last major work. They encapsulate much of what is typical of the composer’s work; rich solo lines, rhythmic excitement and expertly crafted orchestral writing all within the framework of traditional waltz patterns.

With a programme comprised of essential repertoire, ‘Hall of Fame’ is sure to be an unmissable concert for lovers of orchestral music. For any potential audience members aged 18-25, I recommend you take advantage of the BSO’s ‘Vibes’ scheme which makes £5 tickets available for concerts at Lighthouse Poole, Great Hall Exeter, Portsmouth Guildhall and Bournemouth Pavilion.

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