Preview: VK Electric ft. Tom Zanetti & K.O Kane at O2 Academy Bournemouth


The VK Electric… Into the Night tour is coming to the O2 Academy Bournemouth on Saturday 22nd September with special headliners Tom Zanetti and K.O Kane. Other guests include DJ Troopa (Catalyst) and Lawrence James. Zanetti, a vocalist, rapper and record producer from Leeds, has built up an amazing career on the club circuit as a promoter, and was even the subject of a documentary series called SIC Life a few years back. His most popular song, ‘You Want Me’, featuring Sadie Ama, reached the charts in the UK, Ireland and Belgium.

Although he’s only 29, he’s had a lot of experience in cultivating those buzzing and heady atmospheres, with award-winning debut club night Insomnia becoming the most successful event at the nightclub Mission up in Leeds for five years running. He also started Sleepin’ Is Cheatin, a musical entertainment and events company, and dabbled in the festival bizz, four of which he owns overseas. Basically, he knows how to give you a bangin’ night out. Meanwhile, close collaborator K.O Kane is fresh off the release of some new 2018 singles ‘Lately’ (feat. Avanda), ‘Deep in the Zone’ (feat. Illias) and ‘How Hot’.

Dubbed the biggest party of the year, Into the Night will be bringing back all those long-lost summer vibes (where did the sunshine go?) with the help of UV paint, glow sticks and cocktail buckets. And with a curfew set at 3am, you get to fully enjoy all those house music tunes in one of the beautiful O2 academies long into the night, when you’d usually be out the door before the break of day.

Tickets for The VK Electric… Into the Night party are available here.


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