Preview: Sea Girls at The Joiners, Southampton


In a few days’ time on Saturday 20th October, Sea Girls will be making a splash in Southampton, heading to The Joiners to play a set filled with their ridiculously addictive and dance inducing songs.

The quartet have released three EPs and a cluster of singles over the last couple of years. The first of their EPs, Call Me Out, was released just last year and is named after arguably their most popular song, although there’s not much between all of them. It’s only gone up from there, with banger after banger, from 2017’s ‘Lost’ and ‘What For’ to 2018’s ‘Too Much Fun’, which found its way onto the newest EP Adored. ‘Adored’ is also the name of the first track, which marks a progression of the band’s sound. With this number, they’ve pulled back their indie rock a touch, proving they can provide both light and shade and still produce a fearsome record.

Latest single ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ sees the band tackle the issue of perception in our fragile virtual reality, where image is everything. “There’s this common problem where we all measure ourselves by how other people perceive us, and that desire for others to want and respect you.  You need to respect yourself first though.  You can’t wait for the approval of someone else, and that’s the message we want to portray here,” explains songwriter Henry Camamile, who’s distinctive voice also provides the indulgent and drawn out vocals. The lyrics are a manifestation of our avid and sometimes unhealthy social media habits that will definitely ring true for a lot of people. People who would probably admit to posts presenting the best versions of themselves as the one and only versions, when that just isn’t true. With lines like “well, I want you to know that I am doing/ Better than I was before,” and “I’m on your news feed twice a day,” that desperation to be liked and respected shines through.

The night at The Joiners is a part of their very popular autumn headline tour that continues throughout October. Simple but effective seems to be their undisclosed mantra, and with huge crowds that sing their songs back to them, it’s definitely proving successful. These guys know exactly what they’re doing, and I can’t wait to see them do it this Saturday.

Buy tickets for the Sea Girls gig at The Joiners on 20th October here, and check out the music video for ‘Call Me Out’ below.


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