Preview: Alexandra Papanastassiou at The Brook, Southampton


A young performer’s music recital aims to move and inspire. Alexandra Papanastassiou, an Mmus Performing student at the University of Southampton, will be performing at her recital “Thoughts and Reflections” on Thursday 24th January at The Brook, at 12:00-12:30pm. Through her module ‘Professional recital’ she had the opportunity to express her emotions on a variety of social issues, in an effort to motivate and engage the audience. This musically versatile performance will embrace different genres ranging from jazz and pop to country, R&B and operatic pop.

Having been influenced by her chosen artists, whose songs she will be reciting during her performance, Alexandra feels it’s her opportunity to start a conversation about social issues, of self-awareness and concerns about the future, that although universally relatable, still remain stigmas. Alexandra resonates with artists that not only have a powerful presence on stage and are extremely vocally endowed, but also have a significant message to pass through their performance. Such artists include Celine Dion, Demi Lovato, Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera.

Accompanying Alexandra will be other young jazz and pop musicians from the University of Southampton, on guitar, piano, bass, drums and a small ensemble choir. During her recital, she will also perform in duets with an Erasmus student from Portugal, as well as Constantine, a professional tenor and University of Southampton alumnus.

Alexandra Papanastassiou, a 22-year-old musician from Cyprus who graduated from her Music BA in 2018, wishes to express her thoughts and reflections through her singing. As a child she took piano lessons and music theory lessons, to Grade 8 in both. She has been performing in school talent shows, local pubs, wineries and lounge bars both in Cyprus and the UK. In the future she aims to continue singing and compose her own music which audiences will relate to and be touched by.

Catch the performance on Thursday 24th January at The Brook.


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