Preview: Fickle Friends at The Joiners, Southampton (08/12/19)


Since first breaking onto the music scene in 2013, Fickle Friends have definitely established themselves as the next big upcoming indie pop band. Bright and upbeat tunes that you can’t really help but NOT dance like a fool to have become their trademark, with bangers like ‘Glue’ and ‘Swim’ arguably being their staple hits. After finally releasing their debut album You Are Someone Else in 2018, following playing an astonishing 53 festivals over just two years and racking up millions of streams on Spotify, they’ve proven themselves to be a band to keep an eye on.

Despite the cheery vibes of their songs, the lyrics themselves actually deal with pretty deep themes, namely of dissatisfaction and confusion with your place in the world, as embodied by the chorus of said debut album’s lead single ‘Brooklyn’; ‘you are someone else, someone I can’t define, you are not mine’. The album is a double whammy of jams you can tap your feet to and lyrics that call for you to listen to and genuinely consider what lead singer Natassja Shiner is crooning about.

The quartet are hitting up The Joiners on December 8th, and after raving reviews from multiple sources about the high energy of their shows, it’s safe to say it’s sure to be a top notch night.

Unfortunately Fickle Friends have sold out their show at The Joiners this month, but you can check out their other shows here.


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