Preview: Twin Atlantic at The Loft (26/01/2020)


It’s a great time to be a music fan living in Southampton with the number of album launches we’ve had at local venues lately.  From Yungblud, to Snow Patrol and Easy Life, it’s been a fantastic year for intimate gigs celebrating with your favourite artists.  Up next, we can look forward to Twin Atlantic launching their brand new album POWER at The Loft here in Southampton.

The Glaswegian alternative rock band have played a number of festivals as well as consistently touring over the last few years since the release of their last album, 2016’s GLA, inspired by their hometown.  Now, they’re embarking on a brief and intimate album launch tour across the UK, before their main tour later on in the year.

POWER is set to be one of their most anthemic records to date, with inspirations ranging from Depeche Mode to the techno tracks that influenced their youth.  No doubt such a big album will translate well on stages big and small, and really get the crowd moving.  They’ve already been met with critical acclaim with their singles, ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Novocaine’ which have given fans high expectations as they eagerly await the full album release.

Tickets are available now via Vinilo Records Store.


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