The Greatest Live Acts Ever: All Time Low


Having only been really around for a total of seven years, you may wonder why I believe that All Time Low deserve to be amongst the likes of KISS in The EDGE list of top gigs.

They may not hold legendary status, and they may not be able to boast platinum selling albums, but there was something exceptional about All Time Low’s performance at Reading Festival this year. Shamelessly labelling themselves under the often shunned umbrella of pop-punk, All Time Low expertly demonstrate all that is attractive about the genre – feel good riffs, catchy tunes and a radio-friendly sheen, all combined with an onstage presence that is frankly astounding. They have confidence way beyond their years, which was demonstrated when they bounded onto the stage and launched into ‘Damned If I Do Ya’, and although they may not be to everyone’s taste, they certainly have a way with the audience. As the heavens opened and drenched the entire festival crowd, they could easily have fallen flat. But instead of being victim to the English weather, lead Alexander Gaskarth embraced the rain and danced, a sentiment that extended over Richfield Avenue in its entirety. An amazing performance that for me, even overshadowed the set of Blink-182, whom All Time Low name as a prime influence. Truly fantastic.


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