The Greatest Live Acts Ever: The Correspondents


Made up of DJ/Producer Mr. Chuckles and MC Mr. Bruce, The Correspondents have been on the lips of festival goers all summer. Short slots on main stages coupled with the full act in smaller tents – often the Chai Wallah tent that travels to many festivals – the duo play the relatively unheard genre of ‘electro-swing’. A disastrous sounding combination which they somehow make work. Their performance is different to your average MC/DJ combo seen in most clubs; Mr. Bruce wears a dapper suit coupled with a different coloured pair of spandex leggings at each show, finished with some delightful brogues. His dancing whilst rhyming is out of this world and it’s great to see audiences try and copy the moves. Recently the pair have featured a raised treadmill on stage and it is breathtakingly worrying seeing a slender man skatting over Jungle Book samples whilst twisting, turning and throwing his legs in the air on a moving treadmill. For the more serious dancers they also pepper their set with helping of drum and bass which really gets people moving. A must see act whether it’s the main stage of Glasto or a sweaty basement club in hipster London.


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