[Spunge] live @ The Joiners – 27/11/10


[Spunge] seem to be fans of Southampton having played here annually for many years… and the fact they tour relentlessly. Nevertheless, it was time to break out the skanking for a night of ska and punk.

After three support acts, the most notable of whom being Mouthwash, [Spunge] were probably the least ska-like of all the bands mainly as they had no bass section. Anyway they kicked off were the incessantly catchy ‘Roots’ and the crowd sprang into life. It appears [Spunge] have some hardened fans as a mosh pit exploded immediately and lasted the whole set. So with an eager crowd, [Spunge] had to deliver – and they did just that.

Following ‘Roots’ came ‘Santeria’, ‘Ego’ and the classic ‘Friend called Fred’. The upbeat nature of [Spunge] makes it hard not to join in and this helped by their rapport they have between themselves and the crowd, creating some good banter. However, that said, friends who had seen them before stated they didn’t seem as good as last time.

Nevertheless, as it has been several years since a new album it was exciting to they had been writing new material and they played a brand new song, which was gladly embraced. The night got even better with excellent renditions of the ‘Skanking Song’ and ‘Jump on Demand’.

Finally, they finished the set with the infectious ‘Kicking Pigeons’ and invited a stage invasion, which duly happened. I’ve never seen so many people on the stage in the Joiners before, but [Spunge] kept playing and finished on a high whilst being groped here, there and everywhere from avid skanking fans.

Since forming the band in the mid-nineties they have become old hands at performing, especially as they rely on touring as their main form of revenue, so they know how to give a good performance at the drop of a hat. If [Spunge] return next year, as I’m sure they will, I strongly advise catching them on tour as it’s a great night to relax and get ya ska on.


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