Marina and the Diamonds at the O2 Academy, Oxford (15/10/2012)


She opened with the title of the tour ‘Lonely Hearts Club’. The stage was set up in the theme of Electra Hearts bedroom/dressing room fit with a clothes stand, TV and pink furry rug, very much like a set for a musical. Marina strutted onstage in extraordinarily high platforms. I was impressed she could even walk in them! She rattled through the majority of both her studio albums as well as playing one older track ‘Obsessions’ to the crowd’s delight. This was a particular highlight for me as it was simply Marina and the keyboard, no gimmicks. Her vocals throughout the show impressed me more and more, I was pleasantly surprised at how great she sounded.

‘Bubblegum Bitch’ was introduced by Marina putting on a sash saying “Miss Shellfish Beach” and asked the crowd if they wanted to meet “a total bitch”. The lyrics are so fitting and to the point it makes me realise that we ALL know an Electra Heart in our lives. Throughout the show Marina had two complete outfit changes (note for all those fashionistas out there, it was a bralet and an a-line skirt one set in black, one in pink and a silver prom dress) looking fabulous in each and every outfit. Other songs were accompanied by various onstage props; for example the iconic Marilyn the dog made an appearance for ‘Primadonna’ (which sounded amazing live!) The little pink wind up dog pranced around the stage along with Marina.

‘Starring Role’ had Marina sprawled on the onstage couch for the majority of the song. Personally this song is my favourite of all the songs she has written, it’s simply captivating and was definitely done justice, if not enhanced, by her live performance. As the heavier part of the song kicked in she got up and used the stage. It just shows what an interesting artist she is to watch. The theatricality of the show took it up a notch. She played some classic tracks from her debut The Family Jewels such as ‘Shampain’ and ‘Hollywood’. You can really tell the difference between the older and newer tracks yet this is not in a bad way, they both show a different side and a versatility to Marina.

For her encore she came back on stage in a beautiful silver prom dress with a yellow sash emblazoned with the words ‘Teen Idle’ and this song shortly followed. It was a stripped back number, again just Marina and the keyboard. This song has become anthemic amongst the diamonds and this was clearly seen as they sung along at the top of their lungs as if it were their national anthem. She finished on the fantastic latest single ‘How to be a Heartbreaker’ the song is so full of energy and so much fun to song along to, it was the perfect way to end an amazing night. She ended with “Thank you, I’m Marina and you are the Diamonds” and a theatrical bow from the all The Lonely Hearts Club (the band).

Check out the video for Marina and the Diamonds’ latest single ‘How to be a Heartbreaker’ below.


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