Two Door Cinema Club at the Guildhall (28/01/13)


With the usual rush of 15-16 year olds galloping frantically towards the barrier I knew immediately I was at an indie gig and a big one at that. The anticipation for the main act was electric as people eagerly jostled for position. The first band that came out were Swim Deep, a four piece that looked like they’d stepped right out of the 90’s grunge scene. At first the band seemed casually cool, with a melancholic sound resonating an obvious love of Nirvana, but after a couple of songs this started to get annoying: there’s being comfortable and casual on stage and then there’s just being lazily disinterested, Swim Deep were the latter. The band, all in tattered tracksuits, long hair and bare feet put no effort into engaging the crowd between their same-sounding songs and seemed more interested in their image. In the last song the lead singer climbed on top of the drum kit, with a smirk that said LOOK WHAT A REBEL I AM. -slow clap-

The second band – who for me played the standout performance of the night – were Bastille. I haven’t really followed the rise of Bastille, but their name is one I’d heard a lot here and there. Turns out their songs follow in the prestige of their name and I found myself singing along to so many songs I didn’t realise were theirs! The excitement sparked in the room when bastillethey came on stage was deafening and I’d make a guess and say that many of the punters were at the gig FOR Bastille. Frontman Dan was full of humble charisma and had the audience jumping, chanting and clapping throughout. He ran between the sides of the stage, climbing on the side amps (to the bouncers horror) and really livened up the room. I couldn’t believe the diversity of their sound as each of the band members swapped round to different instruments as they rattled through classics like ‘Laura Palmer’, ‘Flaws’ and ‘Bad Blood’. By far and away their most impressive feat was rejuvenating the 90’s dance classic by Corona ‘Rhythm of the Night’, familiar to all children of the 90’s and a staple Jester’s tune. Having totally made it their own, ‘Of the Night’ went down so well with the eager fans, was cleverly sampled and well put together!

It may just be me getting old and therefore angry at the youth of today (or because the festivals I’m used to are full of regular gig goers) BUT as late in my teens as I am, at gigs these days it seems like gig etiquette has died a rude and painful death. Girls who look like they’ve drunkenly tumbled out of an episode of TOWIE, seem to feel entitled to ram fans who have been standing for hours to be at the front out of the way so they can get a good view. If you want to be at the front, then you stand there with everyone else from the start, sweating and aching for the privilege. Your push-up-bra, lipstick and orange paint aren’t a VIP ticket you wannabe hipsters.

Phew, now that that’s out of my system, without further ado: TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB. After a long setup (and a lot of dance music over the PA) the band emerged to screams fit for Beiber. The first half of the gig was bouncy with a good blend of songs from both their new album and their debut album Tourist History with all the songs we know and love. Their new songs, though not as dance central as their previous album, were more mature and suited lead singer Alex’s vocals potentially even better. Just as the crowd were getting weary from all the dancing about and after a lull of slower songs like ‘This Is the Life’ there was a sudden influx of giant white balloons that made their way in from the back. Although not the first band to do this, it was a nice touch and really revitalised the mood. After leaving for a short period and a little encouragement from older fans to start the ‘we want more’s’, Two Door returned for a fantastic encore, culminating in ‘Undercover Martyn’ to everyone’s enjoyment.

The gig was really a spectacle and developed over time. The light show was well thought out and everything blended really nicely for a fun and bouncy atmosphere. Two Door Cinema Club are most certainly back and definitely not one to miss at the festivals this summer!

Two Door Cinema Club’s latest album Beacon is out now.


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