Daughter at The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth (24/4/2013)


Daughter were supported by Bear’s Den. I had only previously heard one of their songs so didn’t have any preconceptions in my mind as to what their set would be like. They played an enjoyable set that perfectly set the tone of the evening.  I definitely recommend giving these guys a listen as they have a wonderfully warm and modern twist on country sounds.

Daughter began their set with the last track on their album ‘Shallows’. As soon as the first note was played a silence descended. I was so glad as it showed just how much the audience valued the music. It was definitely the kind of set that deserved my unadulterated attention.

Despite singer Elena constantly apologising for having no voice her vocals filled the room with a sweet intensity that perfectly matched the achingly beautiful lyrics of the songs. Their live performance had more spark to it than I expected. I enjoyed their album If You Leave, as it definitely grew on me, but their live performance gave the tracks a bit more bite. Instead of being background music Daughter demanded your attention with their newly intensified arrangements of the album tracks.

The set finished with ‘Home’, a track that surprisingly doesn’t feature on the album. Playing this track live Daughter really took it to a new level. Rather than a slow and brooding track ‘Home’ took on a new persona as passionate, fiery and intense with an explosive crescendo.

Throughout the gig there was a respectful hush from the audience. People were really listening much to the disbelief of Daughter. What came across was their passion. These songs are obviously extremely close to Daughter’s hearts. For that one evening they invited us in to share these quiet, close moments with them.



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