Fossil Collective at Portsmouth The Wedgewood Rooms (08/10/2013)


Fossil Collective, a band from Leeds who have been around since 2009, have recently released their debut album and are currently on their UK tour, prior to the release of their self-produced EP ‘The Water’, which is coming out later this month.

When they played, Portsmouth’s The Wedgewood Rooms was not full to capacity; a pity that this appealing band did not have a bigger crowd to support them at what was apparently their first Portsmouth gig. However, the small audience were welcoming to the band, and made it a much more personal gig. The band interacted well with the audience, and it felt like the audience was more like a group of friends swept away by their rich vocals. The relaxed nature of the crowd suited the laid back style of music. It was nice to be able to go to a gig and not have to suffer that  standard gig pressure where everyone is elbowing to the front, instead everyone was a respectful distance apart.

Fossil Collective were supported by Storybooks, whose lead singer  unfortunately seemed to have forgotten about audience interaction; throughout their entire performance he barely said a word, not even to introduce the band to the audience. Even when Storybooks’ lead remembered to introduce songs they were mumbled and incomprehensible. As an audience member, this was somewhat disorientating, and quite frustrating. Luckily, the keyboard player stepped in and warmed up the audience halfway through the set, but perhaps it was too late for Storybooks.

The build up to Fossil Collective coming on-stage was very effective, aided by the well planned lighting – which created an air of suspense. Despite the limited turn out for a Monday evening gig in Portsmouth, the audience of varied age groups were all seen to be enjoying the music, and there was a positive atmosphere to the music and to the band in general. The band commented on the friendly nature of the crowd, and the good reception the band was given, despite the venue not reaching capacity.

One stand out moment of the gig was the performance of ‘Let it Go’, the video for which won the Royal Television Award for best Animation earlier this year. Their performance was captivating, and the audience seemed completely swept away by the music, despite few seeming to be familiar with many of their tracks.



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