Young Rebel Set at The Joiners 27/02/2014


This gig was certainly that of a mixed bag. Prior to the headline act, The Joiners witnessed possibly some of the worst support acts I’ve ever seen. The first act Colour Stone felt even more last minute that they initially may have seemed, after a sadly absent Mr Tom dropped out. With their rather generic indie-rock becoming more and more repetitive with each song, the band even admitted that their set was their first ever live gig. Yet, worse was to come.

Second support act Pilot House appeared to have difficulties with their backing music; an issue they clearly hadn’t anticipated. Their set was then scrabbled together with tracks they hadn’t played live before, and at times it really showed. But the final nail in the coffin came with their final song. After pleading with a now fairly down-cast audience to come to their next gig, the distortion of one guitar appeared to go rather haywire, as the last track was perpetually ruined by some terribly hilarious sounds blasting through the amps.

Thus, Young Rebel Set had a tough atmosphere to come out to, after the audience had been treated to some truly awful support acts. Yet, this seemed to play to the northern band’s advantage more than anything else. With my expectations now at their lowest point, the group came out and truly shone in the wake of the previous act’s ruin. Opening with single ‘Lash of the Whip’, the room was instantly revived with a surprisingly competent live performance of an enjoyable song. Due to the unusually large number of band members, the group had a delicious dynamic of multiple instruments generating different layers of sound. This high fed right into the following single ‘Tuned Transmission’, with the audience clearly beginning to get into the spirit of things. Through a combination of casual banter with the crowd, and a great rendition of their songs, Young Rebel Set were impressive. Another favourite ‘Lions Mouth; led into a slew of tracks from the band’s newest album Crocodile, including; ‘Another Time Another Place’ and ‘Berlin Nights’. From Showcasing a new song called ‘Strangers’, the band finished off with the sentimental finale of ‘If I was’.

Thus, Young Rebel Set managed to save the day. Even though the set was a tad short, the band impressed with an energetic atmosphere and recognisable skill.


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