Review: Livesoc, Rocksoc and AIM Collaboration Gig at Monte Halls (25/09/2014)


In a bid to gather live music lovers from all over SUSU together under one roof: Livesoc, Rocksoc and AIM organised a free gig at Monte Bar on Thursday. Spanning multiple genres, the gig was funded and planned entirely by the three committees and was a complete success.

Starting off the night were local Indie rock quartet Glass Canyons, who lulled their audience into a soft and gentle haze of cheery rhythms and catchy melodies. The vocalist in particular made the band sound extremely reminiscent of bright little wonders like Mystery Jets and Little Comets, and did a fine job of easing the crowd into the evening.

The next act could not have been more different however. Tainted Lust were a shocker: transporting the room back 30 years ago, when perms were cool and glam rock was king. The group’s overall look was entertaining, their play-style competent and the crowd warmed to them easily.

The following band, A Gentleman’s Film, was yet another chance to show-off the event’s wide variety of musical genres. Already a mainstay in the university local live scene, the band demonstrated technical skill and plenty of flourish. The audience were clearly impressed by their polished sound.

Yet nothing could have prepared Monte’s audience for the metal extravaganza that was Freeway Mad. Looking like they had just walked out of a biker bar in the 60’s, the band’s set-list was gloriously cheesy, and even this fluffy indie fan could appreciate the guilty indulgence. The audience clearly shared my sentiments, as they let loose with oodles of head banging and hair swishing.

Rounding out the night were local hard rockers Hercules Morse, who impressed with an entertaining mixture of both covers and original material. Though noticeably softer than Freeway Mad, Hercules Morse provided plenty of energy for the event finale. With an air of professionalism, the group smoothly played through a set advertising new material such as their latest single: ‘Edge of Life’, as well as some unique covers of The Raconteurs, The Beatles and Foo Fighters.

Exploring Southampton’s local music scene has always been a treat, with Thursday night’s gig providing a veritable feast of live acts for the university’s students to enjoy. With the amount of support smaller bands like these need in order to survive, hopefully there will be other events such as this in the near future.


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