Review: Jess Glynne at The Brook (28/10/14)


It’s been Jess Glynne’s year. The English singer-songwriter has a record deal with Atlantic Records UK and, after two number one hits collaborating with Clean Bandit on ‘Rather Be’ and Route 94 on ‘My Love,’ her singing career skyrocketed. Not to mention her single ‘Home’ and hit ‘Right Here’ landed at number six in the UK charts.

Jess Glynne performing at  local venue, The Brook on 28/10/14

Jess Glynne performing at local venue, The Brook on 28/10/14

The singer’s recent 12-day UK tour came to local venue, The Brook, for its tenth date on Tuesday. For someone with such recent success, I was surprised she was dropping into Southampton, let alone The Brook. Nevertheless, the venue was a great setting to showcase her talent. Its layout is picture-perfect for gigs: upstairs views from an indoor balcony and a purpose built stage above ground level.

There was an excellent vibe and drinks were purchased from the bar, which came in handy once music began and the heated audience started moving. I stood below the stage, front and centre. Soon after the doors opened at 7.30, supporting act and band Ekkah got the crowd animated with their energetic performance.

Glynne appeared at 9.30 to the sound of screams from all angles. Two female backing singers, as well as her own live band accompanied her. She danced with her backing girls and had great audience interaction, staying mainly to the right of the stage while still paying attention to all concertgoers. The Brook, in turn, danced along as multiple hands were raised to the modern music sensation.

Jess’ song line-up included the popular collaborative hits while saving her hit single ‘Right Here’ for a crowd-pumping finale. She sang a dozen other lesser-known songs such as ‘Bad Blood,’ ‘Find Me’ and ‘My Story.’ Most had a different feel to her successful feel good pop hits: she has said that she prefers to write stronger emotional lyrics rather than simply dance music. These ‘unknown’ songs (understandably) did not receive as much enthusiasm from the crowd. I imagine they will appear on her debut album, which is due for release in early 2015.

Jess looked stylish in a see-through and striped black maxi skirt with black mini skirt underneath. This was matched with a petite black top, and stylish black and white platforms.

Her performance sparked huge potential. This is still just the beginning of Jess Glynne’s up-and-coming singing career.


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