Review: Nadastrom – ‘House Shoes’ (featuring Nina Kinert)


Featuring smooth vocals from Nine Kinert, this excellent track from Nadastrom is expertly produced.

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Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, guys who have been making beats since 2007 under the name Nadastrom, are ready to release their debut album on the 23rd of February. The Los Angeles based duo have been constantly evolving and experimenting with their sound since they started working together, however, what always has been the same is the production quality on a very high level.

On their debut album, Nadastrom will demonstrate how far they’ve gone from their roots. Much like their musical output over the years, the album doesn’t stick to one sound.

One of the leading tracks on the upcoming album is ‘House Shoes’, which features vocals from Swedish musician Nina Kinert, who’s famous with her mix between pop, folk and electronic music. By listening to the track, it’s becoming crystal clear why they chose Nina for collaboration. Her smooth vocals contributed to the whole atmosphere of magic in this work.

Talking about ‘House Shoes’ track, Nadastrom said: “We always imagined a kind of ‘call and response’ club scenario with ‘House Shoes’. Like when two people make eye contact on the dance floor and give each other the green light to holler at the possibility of sharing a dance. It was the song where we started to feel like the album was coming together how we envisioned it.”

Nadastrom’s debut album is to be released on February 23 via Dubsided & Friends Of Friends.


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