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Turning up at Guildhall on Monday night you would be forgiven for thinking you were attending a sold out show by indie fledgings, Sundara Karma. Everything about the quartet’s set suggested this – the crowd’s energy was insane; audience members sung along to lesser known releases and at one point so many people were on friends’ shoulders that you couldn’t even see the stage.

In reality, the group from Reading were actually just there to support Irish indie rockers, Two Door Cinema Club. Regardless, Sundara Karma proved themselves to be the perfect opening act and even in the short interval after their set, refrains of their hit ‘A Young Understanding’ could still be heard amongst the audience.

With big boots to fill, Two Door Cinema Club exploded onto the stage with indie rock anthem ‘Cigarettes in the Theatre’, reuniting every crowd member with the glorious indie days of 2010. Following this with ‘Undercover Martyn’ – another NME and Propaganda night out classic – the gig was set to be one filled with lyric belting. The trio continued the reminiscing with tracks ‘Do You Want It All?’ and ‘This Is The Life’, treating Southampton fans to a collection of songs that at previous shows would have been reserved for the encore. Such a strong introduction proved that even after a-seemingly-lengthy absence from the music scene, Two Door Cinema Club are back and stronger than ever.

Six songs in and the Irish trio delved into songs from their latest album, Gameshow. Funk-esque single ‘Bad Decisions’ had the audience airing their disco moves, as well as showing off lead singer Alex Trimble impressively high vocal range. Set to a beautiful light show, tracks ‘Lavender’ and ‘Ordinary’ quickly followed suit and confirmed the band’s new pop-infused tone inspired by cited influences Prince and Bowie. The songs also offered relevant social and political commentary: Trimble seductively sung the line, “If you close your mind to what’s happening right outside your door / You’re only giving in” – a comment that could currently be applied to a few world events at the moment…

Despite Two Door Cinema Club super-fans, (so-called ‘Basement People’), previously criticising their apparent evolution in sound, those present at the gig didn’t seem to let this bother them. However even with the warm reaction, the boys concentrated on the tracks that had initially earnt them their success. Returning to singles from their debut, Tourist History, and their sophomore album, Beacon, the band continued the crowd’s unwavering energy and delight with favourites ‘Sleep Alone’ and ‘Eat That Up It’s Good For You’.

After a short and humble thank you speech, Trimble introduced closers, ‘Sun’, ‘Someday’ and ‘What You Know’ by saying how good it was to be back in Southampton after 4 years. The consequent ringing applause in the final bars of the evening showed just how much the overwhelmingly adoring audience were welcoming them back to the South coast with open arms.


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