Review: With Confidence at The Joiners, Southampton


In Southampton’s very own The Joiners, preceded by three dynamic sets from support acts Broadside, Safe to Say and Milestones, Australian Pop Punk Band With Confidence wander on stage demanding little attention from eagerly awaiting fans. This seemed a vast contradiction to the passion and energy that had been on stage no more than ten minutes before but everyone in the room knew that what was to come would not disappoint. All eyes were on them, the room was silent and cameras were out. After fiddling with their guitars and taking a video with the audience they said three words: “are we ready?”. The room erupted.

With only one album and two EPs under their belt, the set list covered nearly all fan favourites, starting with the introductory track to their debut album– ‘Voldemort’ from Better Weather – and finishing with one of their most loved singles – ‘Keeper’. The electric atmosphere emitted from the audience seemed to bounce from wall to wall of this small, intimate venue. From the upbeat, heavier songs to the more subdued emotional ballads, not a soul was silent, everyone sang every word with all they had.

During one of their softer songs, lead singer, Jayden Seeley, warned the audience of his sore throat, something completely undetectable due to the pure energy of his performance throughout. ‘Long Night’ was sang with a great depth of emotion and the sore throat caused no hindrance to the quality of the performance. At that moment, everyone was swaying as one, in an almost hypnotised state, to the sound of a familiar song.

The band, as a whole, have great onstage presence and chemistry. Their ability to poke fun at and joke with one another between songs made the concert a much more personal experience for the band and fans alike. It is equally as personal to see the band flourish in their own headlining tour of the UK, especially as last year they toured the same cities but as the support act for British Pop Punk Band, As It Is.

Being at a venue like The Joiners meant there were no flashy visuals or pyrotechnics, nothing but a simple With Confidence tapestry/flag behind the four band members. This left all attention on their every move, something bound to put any musician under a greater deal of pressure. This seemed to have no effect on them, they played as though in a room full of friends or familiar faces, interacting with individual audience members whenever they got the chance. It is clear this band knows how to work a crowd. The Joiners is known for being the host to many rising stars, including Green Day and Oasis, and if With Confidence carry on the way they are, there is a chance they could share such a legendary status.

The Better Weather Tour continues in the UK until the 6th March before moving on to the rest of Europe and the US. For more information visit


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