Review: The Sherlocks at The 1865, Southampton


As good live as they are on the album. Mixing their guitar heavy riffs with mellow acoustic led songs, The Sherlocks hit Southampton showing off their unique sound.

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After 7 years of constant writing and touring, The Sherlocks released their much-anticipated debut album Live for The Moment earlier this month. With only eight dates on their UK album it makes it one of their shortest to date, and with only three dates left they stopped off in Southampton at The 1865 marking the third time the band has played in the city in the last two years.

Made up of two sets of brothers; lead singer/songwriter Kieran and drummer Brandon, with lead guitarist Josh and his brother Andy on bass, the band has had success for a long time. Even though they were topping the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart with singles, which would appear on the album, their success was swept under the carpet by mainstream media. It was no surprise that their debut album finished its first week in the UK Album Charts at an impressive 6th.

After selling out the 600 floor capacity of The 1865, the venue was forced to open the balcony above to accommodate the influx of ticket sales on the door. The handpicked warm-up acts managed to draw in a large crowd hours before The Sherlocks were due on stage, especially local band Costellos who had the crowd bouncing by the end of their set.

Kicking the night off with one of their oldest singles ‘Last Night’ you can see why they have have been compared to The Libertines and the earlier work of the Arctic Monkeys. The crowd were behind them on every song, chanting out the lyrics and jumping around at every conceivable moment. This tour was one of the first times frontman Kieran was given an acoustic 12 string guitar to break up their normal set with two acoustically led tracks, ‘Turn the Clock’ and ‘Motions’. These two songs really show the diverse sound the band can achieve onstage whilst giving the crowd a moment to breathe, which was happily welcomed.

As is becoming the norm the band ended their set with the classically loved ‘Chasing Shadows’ giving the crowd one last chance to jump up and down. Whilst the last chord of the song reverberated on, the band egged on the crowd to carry on the chorus and what starts as a whisper became a full-on football-esque chant continuing even when the band exited the stage. Even when they had made their way up to the green room, which overlooks the road in front of the venue the crowd congregated just below the window to continue the chant into the night.

As The Sherlocks embark on their European and North American tours the bands’ fanbase is becoming ever larger. They return back to the UK headlining another tour in February 2018 and we can expect them to be bigger and better than ever.

Watch The Sherlocks music video for their single ‘Chasing Shadows’ via Infection Music


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