Review: Husky Loops at The Joiners, Southampton


An experimental sound, and unlike anything else I've heard.

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Me being me, there was no other place I was going to end up on a Wednesday night than a gig. And despite it being very likely I was going to miss it because of Southern trains being cancelled, I did eventually make it to The Joiners to see Bologna-cum-London band Husky Loops grace the venue with their experimental rock.

Despite having listened to them I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from their live performance, but I’m quite pleasantly surprised from what I found. Their first two songs “Good as Gold” and “Tempo” were a perfect introduction to the varied sides of the band, showcasing their heavier, bassy sound with fantastic riffs, and their more electronic, synthy sound.

With distortion on their guitars and a moody sound, they’re definitely there with an arena sound. They continued on with “When I Go Home”, their latest single and a much more melodic sound for the boys, again unlike their lead single from their debut EP, “Fighting Myself”, which is much heavier and more experimental. When I asked frontman Danio why they formed, it’s because they felt they had to after realising how much they look like a band when they’re together, and he’s not wrong – they all seem exceedingly comfortable together on stage, and their stage presence is second to none.

I know I’ve already mentioned their genre/sound swapping between songs, and it may seem like I’m saying they haven’t found their sound. On the contrary, somehow everything they do, be it post-punk or indie or pure rock and roll always sounds exceptionally Husky Loops. Despite having only formed in 2016, they are fantastically well accustomed to playing with each other, “Fading Out” a particular highlight and example of this. They are such talented musicians – unsurprising, considering they’ve said how much of their practicing is improv with each other – and it comes across in how all of their playing complements each other. They enjoy what they do, that much is clear, but they’re very serious about what they do, and aim to put on the best show they can.

Nothing quite sounds like Husky Loops, and Husky Loops don’t quite sound like anything else. They are constant, they make the tiny 200 capacity Joiners room feel like the biggest stadium show, and with a gorgeous experimental rocky, punky vibe to them, I’m sure we’ll hear much more from them in the coming years, and they’ll go far.

Check out “Fighting Myself” below: 


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