Review: Sea Girls at The Joiners, Southampton


The Joiners put on amazing night of live music, headed by two strong up-and-coming bands and aided by an enthusiastic crowd.

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Sea Girls’ reputation preceded them, and as soon as they made their way onto the stage, I knew they were going to live up to it. They’d already gone and sold out the gig, and The Pale White had well and truly warmed up the crowd. The Geordie trio’s alt rock – made up of heavy percussion, awesome guitar hooks and harmonies – was a real treat to open the show, with highlight being as yet unrecorded song ‘Medicine’.

When The Joiners staff had to make a torchlit path (it was that packed) for the headlining four piece and they started playing the first guitar chords to ‘Eat Me Whole’, everyone was ready to cut loose. Spirits were high on and off the stage in terms of alcohol and mood, with guitarist Rory and bassist Andrew drinking in the atmosphere and rocking out to their songs, eyes closed and heads nodding. It was lovely to see a band so happy with what the audience was giving back, singing all their songs at them and dancing through to every final bar of their indie rock anthems.

They covered much of their repertoire, with ‘Heavenly War’, ‘What For’, ‘Call Me Out’, ‘Too Much Fun’, and ‘All I Want to Hear You Say’. ‘Lost’ was a real highlight, but it was a close call. I can’t remember when, but singer Henry Camamile got off the stage and wandered about amongst the audience to sing with them. The Joiners was just right for them really, ‘cos they were up right on top of the crowd, but I doubt you’ll find them there next time around.

They played a couple of new songs too, including ‘Forever’, that saw the intimate venue showered in artificial light from everyone’s phone torches at Camamile’s request. People were more than happy to oblige, to the detriment of the dark and sweaty atmosphere they’d set up. No one seemed to notice though, and just carried on dancing; people were having too much fun.

They ended with an encore of ‘Adored’, the title track of their 2018 EP, and it was perfect; I’d wondered whether finishing on a more out and out anthem would have been better but I was dead wrong. Although people were tired, the song kept building to an infectious high and everyone was drawn in all over again. Let’s face it, all their songs are danceable and sing-along-able, including this more introspective of tunes.

Mark my words, they’ll be playing Engine Rooms or the Guildhall on their next stint in Southampton. Their Joiners gig was an unmitigated success and a treat for the fans to see them so up close and personal, but more people are going to need more room to dance.

Watch the music video for ‘Too Much Fun’ below.


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