Review: Hinds at Engine Rooms, Southampton


Great performances all night long from passionate and energetic performers.

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Hinds performed at Engine Rooms on a very cool Wednesday night but their show felt like a warm ray of sunshine throughout. They are a hard-working band always on the move, releasing two albums in a year and touring non-stop. Support group Sports Team were energetic performers, with a dynamic singer. Listening to them was a nice discovery and they should definitely be watched out for.

Hinds opened the show with their popular song ‘The Club’ which immediately got the crowd ready to dance. They mentioned it was their first time in Southampton and asked the audience whether anyone was from here which the majority shouted no. Co-vocalist and guitarist Ana Perrote then amusedly said “We’re not from here. You’re not from here. What are we all doing here?” As the room was filled with laughter, they moved on to the next song. They performed their latest song ‘British Mind’ and explained it was inspired by British people’s fascination with the sun, often using it as metaphors in song lyrics.

Songs from both latest albums Leave Me Alone and I Don’t Run were played and merged very smoothly together. The whole crowd was swaying or dancing the whole time, with particularly enthusiastic and cheerful fans at the front. Everyone was having a great time; so much that the first time Hinds left the stage to call it a day, people were shouting and stomping for an encore. The band excitedly came back with a powerful performance of ‘Castigadas En El Granero’, which is probably my favourite Hinds song and one of their first ever pieces recorded. They then closed the show with ‘New For You’, and filled the room with loud cheering.

Hinds are often described as the “happiest band in the world” and rightly so. The bond they share is remarkable and instantly invites the audience to join in the fun. Throughout the show, they were smiling and giggling at each other, dancing in sync at times while each member was put in the spotlight one after the other. You can’t sense any clashes of ego in the band and I think this is what gives you this true sense of sisterhood. Their passion to perform live is so obvious and you can’t help but smile when you watch them having such a good time on stage.

They are now continuing their UK and Europe tour, and without a doubt they will keep this high and strong energy throughout. I would definitely recommend seeing Hinds live and keeping an eye on them as we are not done hearing from them just yet. I believe they are bound to leave a great mark in the garage rock scene.

Catch out their other tour dates here and watch the music video for ‘British Minds’ below.


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