Review: Pottery at Heartbreakers, Southampton


Post-punk band Pottery delivered an entirely intoxicating performance on the Heartbreakers stage.

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On Tuesday night, I went to go and see the band Pottery at Heartbreakers, a small venue in the city centre. As I listened to the Psychedelia DJ set which anticipated the main act, I was excited to see what Pottery could do live. I expected a lot from the performance as the band have previously toured with both Parquet Courts and Fontaines D.C. As predicted, they did not disappoint.

When the band approached the stage, Austin Boylan, the frontman, met the small crowd with enthusiasm as he encouraged us to move closer to the stage, lessening the gap between the band and its observers.

They opened with the song ‘Smooth Operator’, which began with at least a minute of energetic instrumental introduction. The layered guitar riffs built up a mesmeric tension within the crowd which was eventually met with Boylan’s sleek vocals. 

When moving between songs, the band members rarely seemed to take a breath when creating smooth transitions between each of the tracks, portraying that they are truly skilled at musical improvisation. Few words were spoken by the members, but this did not cause them to seem detached from their performance.

One of my favourite songs performed in this set was ‘The Craft’, as it seemed to combine a colourful electric sound with chaotic rock, which metamorphosed to create fluidity. The bass and drums in the tune held a precise rhythm whilst the guitars took centre stage, seeming to hold more of a powerful sound through unexpected riffs.

The band seemed to be plucked out of the 1980’s with their alternative sound being comparative to bands like Orange Juice and The Fall. The sound seemed to mix a plethora of genres, including garage and post-punk. The crowd was small but met the music the enthusiasm that it deserved, appreciating the band’s impressive harmony. 

Overall, it is safe to say that Pottery’s live music easily parallels their recorded music in quality and they play with established and unique skill.

Pottery are in the midst of their tour, so be sure to check out the link here to find any upcoming shows near you.


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