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The intimacy of The Joiners, absolute top quality tunes and some die-hard fans = perfection.

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Being only a very recent fan of this Scottish 4-piece, The Snuts‘ performance at The Joiners was certainly an extremely pleasant surprise for me as they put on an incredible show. With their sound being a clear reflection to some of their musical influences (which you can find more about here), I knew I would not be disappointed as I love anything that has an indie vibe to it. However, I left The Joiners feeling much more than satisfied, and will certainly catch them on any upcoming tours they have around Southampton in the future!

The Joiners was the perfect venue for them to play. Combining its unique, intimate atmosphere with lots of die-hard music lovers, this gig was extremely memorable and fun. Seeing both old and young fans enjoy their energising, indie sound was amazing, and this feeling of love towards the music was so clear and united throughout the crowd.

The set-list was impeccable, as they played both their new and older songs, whilst also allowing fans time to party and time to rest (which was much needed after the intense moshing). Opening with ‘All Your Friends’, released earlier this year, it was clear the crowd were instantly energised as they screamed out every lyric. Although this single is definitely a favourite of mine, it was somehow made even better live because of the incredible response from the crowd and the love and dedication you could feel from both younger and older fans towards the band. A memorable moment in particular was the crowd sitting on the floor together whilst the band performed acoustically – a clear indication of how much music can unify various individuals in enjoyment.

It was extremely hard to pick out a particular crowd favourite, which is what made this performance so wonderful; it seemed the majority of the crowd loved every single song, with everyone moving and screaming the lyrics out to the band for their entire set. However, particular highlights for me were ‘Maybe California’ (an absolute tune, perfect for the end of summer) and ‘Glasgow’.

Alongside their incredible performance, the charisma from front-man Jack Cochrane was certainly charming, and the band’s interactions on stage were energising. Some memorable moments were his comments on it being ‘roasting’ in there as it was the furthest South they have ever been, and the fact that most of the crowd probably couldn’t understand him (which, for some of their set, was true…).

Overall, seeing The Snuts perform was definitely memorable, and has made me even more of a fan of theirs. I will undoubtedly catch them on their next tour (and you should too!).

Check out their upcoming shows here, and click the link down below for a taste of what you should expect to hear.


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