Review: Larkins at The Joiners, Southampton


Larkins got the whole crowd dancing through their lively performance, making it a show to remember.

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Since playing The Joiners this time last year as the support act for indie band Cassia, Larkins have definitely developed their stage presence, demonstrating that they are very comfortable with their sound and image. The band expressed their gratitude throughout the evening, as they were impressed with the dedication of the fans, who had arrived early to see their stop off in Southampton on Monday the 21st of October, during their UK headlining tour.

Supporting them were Deja Blu and Crystal Tide, who I personally thought were rather strange choices for support acts, as they were quite different to Larkins; with Deja Blu being very mellow, and Crystal Tides having a very distinct pop sound, but nevertheless they got the crowd ready and excited.

Starting off the set with the hit single ‘Sugar Sweet’, the band made a dramatic entrance in pitch black, creating an atmosphere of anticipation. As soon as the lights came on, the audience immediately began jumping and singing along. The venue size allowed the crowd to feel very intimate, however I was slightly disappointed with the lack of mosh pits.

Following this, the band continued with more of their well-known singles, such as ‘Hit and Run’ and ‘Something Beautiful’. It made me, and seemingly a few others, realise just how many amazing songs they have released over the years. As an upcoming band, I was surprised at the amount of hard-core fans who knew every word, and even demanded a performance of ‘The Tale of Cassandra’, an older, less popular song.

A highlight of the evening was definitely the final song, ‘TV Dream’, where the band performed an extended version of the single, adding in amazing guitar solos and opportunities for the audience to sing alone. The echoing sounds of the audience singing made the venue feel so much bigger than it actually is, and brought everyone together in a cohesion, leaving fans very high-spirited. The band also hung around after the show, taking pictures and talking with fans, which I always think makes the gig that one bit more special.

Tickets for the rest of the tour can still be purchased here, and if you’re in the mood to party, look no further.


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