Review: Artwork Presents: Art’s Haunted House at Switch


Not the spooky spectacular we had hoped for, but a good night regardless.

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Despite big expectations for Artwork Presents: Art’s Haunted House at Switch this Halloween, the night didn’t quite deliver. With its promises of amazing spooky décor, to see not even half of what Triple Cooked decoration provides was a shame. It seemed a bit like a last minute Poundland run, with cob webs thrown over the bannisters and a bit of bunting on the ceiling.

One thing that kept up the Switch reputation were the lights and main stage thrills, keeping the room funky even if the décor could not. Music in the main room were nothing too special, but are what’s expected of an average Switch night, so still okay if that’s your thing. The bunker made for a nice escape, with its mad flashing lights and more intense DnB livening up the night during its sleepy moments.

Though Artwork’s wasn’t quite what was expected, it still made for a good Halloween night. If nothing else it provided perfect shelter from the rain, and kept everyone dancing regardless of the same old music.


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