Review: Fontaines D.C. at The 1865, Southampton


Fontaines D.C. gave us a night to remember in Southampton, establishing themselves as one of the best punk bands around.

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On December 1st, Irish punks Fontaines D.C. played a sold-out show at Southampton’s 1865.  Since the release of their debut album, Dogrel, they have been one of the most unstoppable groups of 2019, with a Glastonbury set in the summer and a recent Mercury Prize Nomination.  They’ve certainly established themselves as a talented alternative band, but the energy of their tour in an intimate venue defied even the highest expectations.

Opening the show was another Irish alternative band, Melts, who impressed the crowd and were no doubt added to a number of playlists that night.  They had a really unique take on an alternative sound and are definitely a band to look out for.  After another brief wait, Irish folk music started blasting through the venue’s speakers that signalled to the audience that Fontaines D.C. were on their way to the stage.  I might be Irish and incredibly biased, but this is one of the best headline introductions I’ve ever seen and got me so hyped for the set to begin.

From the very start of their set, the audience were going wild for Fontaines D.C.  Their energetic tracks like ‘Too Real’ and ‘Hurricane Laughter’ came early on in the setlist, setting off a mosh pit that wouldn’t let up for the rest of the night.  They had no need to force any enthusiasm from the crowd; in fact, they didn’t have to speak at all and the audience were singing along to every word.  This is a group of very talented musicians and songwriters, and it’s obvious that they will own every stage they set foot on, big or small.

The wild energy of the night was kept up by even more anthemic numbers like ‘Sha Sha Sha’ and ‘Checkless Reckless’.  In fact, even attempting to take a picture or a video of the band was futile until more laid-back songs like ‘The Lotts’ and ‘Roy’s Tune’.  It was only at this point that the audience allowed themselves to calm down, and we could all take a moment to catch our breath.

The gig ended on yet another energetic note with ‘Boys In The Better Land’ and of course, ‘Big’.  The latter was the piece de resistance of the night, a climactic end to an electric concert from Fontaines D.C.  Although they had to deal with some technical difficulties, this only fed into the chaotic energy that night at The 1865, and if a band can keep control of a crowd even then, it’s obvious that their going to be unstoppable.  It won’t be long until Fontaines D.C. move onto bigger venues with even more highly coveted tickets, so don’t miss their more intimate shows now.

Be sure to keep an eye out on any of Fontaines D.C.’s upcoming shows here


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