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Share the Sound showcased the amazing talent of up-and-coming artists in the Southampton music scene!

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Share the Sound music festival was absolutely amazing, it showcased some of the best talent Southampton’s music scene has to offer. The wide variety of performances made for a great event as each act made you feel a different emotion – Apollo got us dancing to their Latin inspired RnB sound whilst Paper House put on a tear-jerking set blending classical instruments with mainstream music. Though, towards the end of the night music from the nearby clubs could be heard in The Loft, the performers did not let this stop them from putting on a wonderful performance, and it only went to prove their remarkable musicality and talent.

Standouts were Paper House who put on a truly stunning performance. They produce music that is incredibly rare and unheard of, making for a unique audience experience. Highlights of their set include a song that was sung in Finnish, and though a majority of the audience probably didn’t speak Finnish it was still truly moving. This further proves that vocals do not need to be understood to be felt.

James Need, a local Southampton artist, wooed crowds with his songs blasting the importance of Jesters and everything that makes Southampton home. Whilst Marble Tides showed the talent Bournemouth had to offer as they intertwined different genres such as jazz with heavy rock riffs. This diverse range of artists made for a truly amazing festival line-up and made sure everyone who attended would find a style of music they would enjoy.

Another standout had to be Apollo whose versatile sound got the crowd dancing, their Latina and jazz influenced sounds made for an astounding set. Not only the musicians seem to have an amazing connection but their ability to have so much confidence and connect with the audience the way they did was incredibly impressive for a small up-and-coming band.

All the acts that performed at the festival were fantastic and truly did make their mark that night on the music scene. Though not all the acts were mentioned they all did astonishingly and everyone who is reading this article should definitely give all the acts that performed at Share the Sound a listen. I am sure they all will be making it in the music industry soon.

Overall, this festival was absolutely amazing and was a night of great fun, I would recommend Share the Sound festival to every single person that could possibly attend. Thankfully it is an annual event, so everyone be sure to check out Share the Sound 2021!


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