Flashback Review: Red Rum Club at The Joiners, Southampton


Red Rum Club, a 6-piece hailing from Liverpool, are known for their unique and experimental indie-rock tunes including the singles ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely’ and ‘Kids Addicted’. The band has been actively touring until recently due to the pandemic, and since they released their debut album Matador (2019) played at an array of festivals across the UK as an ‘introducing’ act, including Glastonbury! I was first introduced to the band by some of my house-mates who, after having become obsessed with their quirky style, insisted that I join in going to see them in an intimate gig at the incredible venue The Joiners, situated in the center of Southampton. Although the gig was last minute, it ended up being an amazing experience and I have been a keen follower of the band ever since.

Although the gig was my first experience of The Joiners, once I stepped through the door I instantly felt almost at home in the venue due to its small, relaxed atmosphere. Like the venue, Red Rum Club’s set was both comfortable and exciting, with a brilliant blend of anthemic tunes with that of slower, powerful songs. The band’s style interweaves the Spanish style of ‘Mariachi’ music with current indie-rock, bringing a much-wanted change to the scene and a new layer that I had never previously seen at a gig. The inclusion of a trumpet in the band became one of the most memorable parts of the gig, as the crowd, alongside myself, were drawn into the band’s sound even more through this. 

Lead singer Fran Doran’s stage presence and persona carried a great weight of character that got the whole crowd cheering and singing along with their unbelievably catchy lyrics. Red Rum Club shone throughout the whole gig, but the two songs that stood out the most to me were ‘Hung Up’ and ‘TV Said So’. The fast-paced nature of ‘Hung Up’ got the crowd excited, whilst ‘TV Said So’ boasted interesting and political lyrics. I left the gig playing these songs on loop, reminiscing on the amazing experience when listening.

I walked into The Joiners with expectations of enjoyment and walked out with not only an incredible experience but also a new band to tell everyone about!

Check out the music video for Red Rum Club’s latest single ‘Kids Addicted’ below.


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