Review: The Snuts Live-Stream Performance at The Tall Ship


Despite not being live, The Snuts showcased a memorable performance filled with bright lights, groovy rhythms and gorgeous vocals

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The Snuts, a 4-piece band from West Lothian, teamed up to broadcast a performance from The Tall Ship, after months and months of no live music last week – it was certainly one to remember.

Rather than simply opening with some music, what hit the screens at 8.30pm was a montage of voice clippings taken from government briefings and daily updates that we endured throughout the months of March, April, and May, and it was a brutal reminder of the current state of affairs. Luckily, though, the band quickly made their appearance in the live-stream bringing a token of hope for the live music scene that we’ve lost out on this year.

Opening with ‘All Your Friends’, The Snuts showed viewers why they are so lovable. Jack Cochrane, lead singer, sporting some sunnies, swaggered out and belted his gorgeous vocals, which are addictive as they are unique. There was an instant energising feel as the lights behind lit up the boys in a multitude of colours, and the camera panned to them for equal amounts.

Following ‘All Your Friends’ came their newest release, ‘Elephants’. This single sounded incredible live, even better than on record, as it showcased Cochrane’s immense vocal abilities. As the set-list continued, the band played some newer and some older material to satisfy as many fans as possible, but there were some clear highlights.

‘Glasgow’ is one of the most catchy songs of theirs, so it’s definitely one of the best to hear live. Although not quite as immense to witness due to the band being on a screen and blaring through my weak laptop speakers, it was still an extremely memorable performance.

Another highlight was ‘Maybe California’. With the band giggling to each other at the start, it was a sweet reminder of what we’ve all missed over the past 6 months: the communal feeling of live music. Similarly to ‘Glasgow’, this single is a catchy one that was stuck in my head for most of the performance.

As well as showcasing the band’s own singles, they also performed a cover of ‘Summer in the City’ by The Lovin’ Spoonful. Making it their own by putting on a Snuts twist, all exhibiting an addictive energy, it sounded amazing.

As well as a great set-list, what was so good about this live-stream was its focus on each band member equally, following a similar pattern to what your eyes would see at an actual live gig.

The filming techniques also allowed for quite an intimate experience, panning from one member to the other at various different points. One moment you were face-to-face with Cochrane, and the next you were brought back to view the band as a whole. However, despite these impressive filming techniques which made it feel like a proper live show, the fact that the live-stream was not streamed live made it impossible to interact with the band.

The pre-filming did allow for this performance to feel a lot more professional and more like a short film, but it meant that any audience participation was impossible. Perhaps, instead of a pre-recorded set, the boys should have streamed live and taken in viewer suggestions. This idea was exhibited in the comments, with one saying “it’s great to see them but disappointed it’s not live”. However, with this pre-recorded set which was more like a short film than most other live-stream gigs, you definitely got what you paid for.

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