Review: Killing Morton, Kid Klumsy, Mighty Magic Animal and Artemis at 1865 (26/09/2020)


Live music ISN'T dead! Killing Morton, Kid Klumsy, Mighty Magic Animal and Artemis graced the stage at The 1865.

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Punk night dominated The 1865 this weekend as 4 killer rock bands had us moshing in our seats at the socially distanced gig. Kid Klumsy, Mighty Magic Animal, Artemis and Killing Morton were part of an amazing night of live music as they proved music can survive without the thrill of a mosh pit.

This was my first socially distanced show and it did meet up with my low expectations. The venue had many tables seating 2 to 4 people set up across the room. This was a genuinely odd experience; it felt weird being in a concert venue with 1/3 of the crowd and chairs set up across the whole room. This didn’t ruin the experience however as the tables do have many perks: you have a place to sit down without being judged, your pint has a lovely place to rest instead of all over the floor and finally it feels like a more intimate moment with friends. Instead of losing each other in the crowd every time you need to pee, you become inseparable. The 1865 also introduced table service so instead of spending ages fighting to get a pint, you order from the website and it is given to you in no time.

The venue set up did have many perks, however the one thing that was lacking from the whole experience was the lack of crowd interaction. Due to the new rules it almost feels like the audience and the musician are separated, there is almost a wall up between the two which then made the experience slightly uncomfortable. Maybe this was just a bad crowd as everyone remained static and silent during every set. Clapping along to a song or even nodding my head too aggressively felt out of place which partially ruins the concert experience. But apart from the few minor issues it was a great event!

Kid Klumsy opened the show and though I did not get to view the first half of the show I heard it was fantastic. Despite not being able to see them live due to my tardiness, I spoke with them after their set and they were absolutely lovely. By talking with them you can tell they are passionate about music and their love for music made it almost impossible for me not to become a fan.

Mighty Magic Animal came on next and really got the party started, though the crowd was not going as wild, it was a fantastic set. I had never listened to Mighty Magic Animal before so was not sure what to expect but I loved their sound, it was funky and merged many genres together, the best way to describe them is as Nirvana and Royal Blood’s love child.

Next up came Artemis, who had the best reaction from the crowd. The crowd finally started to make a sound once the foursome took the stage. It was a great performance featuring many unreleased tracks. Also, a shout out to the lead singer who had amazing energy and stage presence was superb.

The night ended on an odd note with Killing Morton, after some really high energy sets, killing Morton came on and slowed the night down a little. This didn’t feel right especially after Artemis rocking the house down, but despite this they did a great job!

The experience was odd and unusual, but this is our new normal and with a little more time hopefully the gigging experience won’t be so awkward. The performers did a fantastic job at capturing live music and proving it isn’t dead.


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