UniVision Heat: Southampton


Since Eurovision was sadly cancelled in 2020, UK universities decided to rise to the challenge. Check out the University of Southampton's finalists here!

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Eurovision is a much-loved contest across Europe and sadly, COVID-19 robbed us of this delight in 2020. However, have no fear – UniVision was born! There were many entries from students who wished to represent the uni and it came down to the top 5. Launching the final heat on 14th Jan for the University of Southampton, we had an array of talent showing us their musical skills.

Up first, we had Amrit Karmit with an original song called ‘Home’. It was a very sweet song that had an incredible sentiment and had a personal touch as she admitted it is ‘one of my favourite songs I’ve written.’ To sing and play the guitar is difficult enough, but you could feel the emotions she put into it to create a song that you could imagine to be a ‘put your lighters in the air’ moment. Furthermore, composing an original score, lyrics and to sing your own song takes a lot of guts to do, so bravo to Amrit for creating such a beautiful song. 

Following a strong opening, we had Rebecca Cook and Asia Elizabeth Hoile with the traditional folk song ‘Off to Sea.’ With some impressive editing skills and multi-instrumental talent, they were bringing style to folk music. Although not an original, it was a really lovely piece the duo performed to draw attention to the genre that many do not tend to enjoy. Of course, the blend of instruments with the vocals was exquisite too.

Our 3rd act was Seth Bryan with his take on The Smiths’ ‘This Charming Man.’ This was a very rustic entry but nonetheless, you could see the passion in his face. From the dancing to the accentuated vowels, Seth was channelling his inner Morrissey and enjoying it! He definitely brought his personality to the song and despite being a video, he was able to bring that interactive element in his videos for audiences to enjoy.

The 4th entry was by Joseph Futter with his rendition of the well known French song, ‘Papaoutai.’ This Derbyshire lad pulled all the stops out and showed us just how fluent he is in French. It is sometimes difficult to speak your own language, let alone to sing in another. It was very impressive! Although questionable dance moves, he was having the time of his life as he went around showing his many flags and making us all wish we could be as cool as him.

And our final contestant was Emma Naunton with her cover of Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Before You Go.’ There was not a lot of movement to this piece, but that was not needed! Emma’s vocals were very beautiful and clear. Focusing on showing us her versatility and skills, she was the perfect ending to close the show.

And the top two acts voted for by the audience were… Rebecca and Asia with ‘Off to Sea’ and Joseph with ‘Papaoutai’!

However, the judges had the final say but couldn’t decide. So, as we waited for the popular vote, we were treated to various performances from FolkSoc and ShowStoppers! In the end, the University of Southampton’s representative in this years UniVision is Joseph Futter. Congratulations!

Remember to tune into the nationwide UniVision on 14th March 2021!


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