Review: The Goa Express at Heartbreakers, Southampton


The Goa Express light-up Heartbreakers with their euphoric sound and electric atmosphere.

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Last Friday in Southampton, The Goa Express took iconic indie venue The Heartbreakers by storm with their electrifying performance and powerful vocals.

Originally from Burnley, the boys have become a powerful force on the indie scene refreshing us with their euphoric sound. The band is made up of five lads who are always up for a laugh – James Douglas Clarke (Guitar + Vocals), Joe Clarke (Keys), Joey Stein (Lead Guitar), Naham Muzaffar (Bass) and Sam Launder (Drums). For them music is all about the fun and friendships you make along the way as I was lucky enough to see this first-hand – the boys hung out at Heartbreakers late into the night! 

The modest yet intimate venue was first set alight by support act Darling Darling. Frontman, Matt Bisgrove, pulled out all the stops with his Alex Turner-esque flair, setting the tone for a great night of music. I managed to nab a front row spot to watch the performance and The Goa Express did not disappoint. Opening with their cinematic sound, the room was showered with melodic guitars and roaring baselines. Lead vocalist James Douglas Clarke impressed with his particularly sharp vocals, reminding me of the great frontmen of the 1990s. A highlight was hearing their latest single ‘Everybody in the UK’ live as the whole room swayed along in delight to the anthemic sound. Hit single ‘Second Time’ was another favourite as its roaring indie melody inspired the room to get up and dance the night away. 

The venue itself offered an electric atmosphere with people all over the South travelling to see the band perform. From hardcore fans to casual indie listeners, everybody took their time to really get into the music. It’s hard not to do in the face of such euphoric tracks. I would highly recommend seeing the band on their upcoming tour if you have a chance. The boys truly are a force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait to see where they go next. 

The Goa Express are on tour in the UK until the 21st of May – you can find tickets here.


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