Review: Cian Ducrot @ O2 Guildhall, Southampton, 28/11/23


Chilled, inspiring, uplifting, full of good. A night for the heart.

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The phrase “up and coming” is often used to describe artists such as Cian Ducrot. However, for this talented musician, the term should be altered to “here and rising” and seeing Cian live on his Victory World Tour was evidence of that. 

The Southampton Guildhall crowd was warmed up by Sody who performed tracks from her latest album Star Potential. By the time the stage was prepared for the main man, fans were ready and raring to go.

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The initial beats of Victory were performed with drums and punctuated by spotlights from alternate areas of the stage. Cian stepped under the bright purple lights and was immediately accompanied by the audience that sang every word back to him. So goes the vibe for the rest of the night; chilled and happy to be in an arena singing with the artist who has lived rent-free in our minds for the past year and more.


One of the things I love about Cian’s music is his ability to calm listeners whilst singing about deep and personal themes. Listening and singing along allows you to relate these emotions to what you’re dealing with at the time and release them with him. Not only that but his Irish accent comes through every track which is refreshing to hear in the South East. There’s something so special about hearing him live. He has such a beautiful voice and to finally hear him live was a hugely gratifying feeling. 


Setlist (personal performed favourites are marked with an ‘*’)

  • Victory
  • Mama
  • *Heaven
  • *Him
  • Endless Nights
  • *How Do You Know
  • *Hurt When You Hurt Me
  • Aftertaste
  • *All For You
  • Blame It On You
  • Step Dad
  • *Everyone Who Falls In Love (Has Someone Else They’re Thinking Of)
  • *Part of Me
  • Thank God You Stayed
  • *I’ll Be Waiting

A man of many talents, the night saw him playing the piano, guitar and flute.

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Cian interludes most songs with a brief chat to the audience. Here is when we get an insight into Cian as a person. Sometimes reflecting on what inspired the next song

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and sharing words of comfort. Other times his typically humorous self. One aspect of Cian’s shows that stood out the most is how he cares for his fans. At the beginning of the show, security guards were handing out water bottles to fans in the mosh pit. Later on, we heard from Cian how he does this as a reminder to stay hydrated during the show. Mentioning how he can see when fans are too far gone and start to feel unwell. During his speech, more water was passed out into the crowd. Unfortunately, this speech acted as foreshadowing when a member of the mosh pit had to leave early due to feeling unwell. Cian paused to make sure their friend had gone with them and to send his well wishes.


At times when Cian would point the microphone into the audience the whole arena felt united and electric. These were such special moments that I won’t forget.

Cian Ducrot’s sold out Victory continues throughout the UK and Ireland this month. Tickets for his massive Irish outdoor shows next summer can be purchased here.


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