Campaign Started to Keep The Talking Heads from Closing Down


Rumours are circulating that popular Southampton live music venue The Talking Heads is due to close down soon, encouraging patrons to begin campaigning for its survival.

The venue, located on Portswood Road, is popular on the local live music scene, and has hosted many of the biggest bands to visit the city over the past few years. The reason for the potential closure is not yet clear, but the following message was recently posted by an administrator on The Talking Heads Facebook group: “Sadly we can’t keep afloat after this weekend we have tried, I don’t want to close but it is the only option I have I am deeply sorry if I mucked up anyone’s social life words are not easy at the moment I’m sure I will think of some in the future“.

The Facebook page dedicated to saving the venue, entitled “Save Our Heads“, was set up earlier this evening (January 6th) and already has over 800 likes, with the page’s founder describing the venue as “one of Southampton’s finest”.

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  1. I live across the road from the dump – let’s hope they DON’T keep it open! Good riddance to bad rubbish! (Talking of rubbish, have you seen the mess they’ve left behind?! Chavs!)

    • That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Also, I’m pretty sure the people who go to The Talking Heads are not chavs; it’s a cool live music venue, and chavs do not go to cool live music venues.

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