The Talking Heads: Saved?


Following the news that local live music venue The Talking Heads had shut down due to a decline in business, it appears the “Save Our Heads” campaign has had some sort of positive impact, with the establishment said to have been purchased by a new party.

MintSouth reports that the venue has been purchased by Southampton University student Guy Benfield and Southampton Solent lecturer Martin White. The Heads is estimated to be re-opening before the end of March, after some much-needed remedial work and re-planning. Speaking about the future, writer and campaign founder Jodie Copeland claims that “The aim is to move back to [the old]format somewhat while still incorporating the current trends and touring bands”, with visions also of improving community relations at the venue.

The Edge is currently working on securing an interview with the new owners of The Talking Heads, and we will keep you up-to-date with any further developments.


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