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The Edge magazine will soon be unveiling a new cartoon column as part of the on-going rebrand.  Having looked around Southampton for signs of art and places to display student art for a while, I was a bit stumped to see that not much student art gets a viewing. Sad times people! That’s why we’ll soon be launching a regularly updated cartoon on the front page of our website.

I’m guessing most of you will have seen political cartoons in newspapers, well that’s the type of thing we’re looking for. An entertainment cartoon. Whether you want to create a cartoon that rips the latest X Factor performance, or want to satirise a new film release, the cartoon will give you a chance to voice your thoughts and opinions in a new medium to a new set of readers.

If you’re interested in drawing for us, have any questions, or even just want to take a look: search ‘The Edge Artists’ on Facebook or follow the link here. You can also get in touch with Matt Timmiss, our Head of Design. If art and drawing really isn’t for you, then keep an eye on The Edge homepage for the first instalment!


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  1. I display (and sell!) art at my shop Heowright’s – the vintage shop in Bedford Place. I am always interested to see portfolios.

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