Martin Scorsese’s Silence to get 2015 release date?


Martin Scorsese is reknowned for living and breathing cinema; he’s one of the few directors working today who manages to maintain a frequent and consistently high quality output of films. That being said, after the notoriously prolonged editing process working on The Wolf of Wall Street, many assumed the man might decide to take a small break. But that could never be the case for Scorsese, especially when it comes to one of his (admittedly numerous) passion projects.

It now seems like Scorsese’s film adaptation of Shusaku Endo’s book Silence is starting to tentatively head into production, with shooting expected to begin later this year. According to Deadline if all runs smoothly Paramount Pictures will be hoping to give the film a release date sometime in November 2015 which would position the film firmly as a contender in the Oscar race for that year.

The source material concerns two Jesuit Priests in 17th century Japan who face persecution as they attempt to spread Christianity and find their mentor. The film is set to star Liam Neeson, Ken Watanabe, Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield.

However nothing is set in stone yet and Scorsese is a director known for taking his time with projects to ensure they are executed properly. Nonetheless, it’s very encouraging to see that we might be getting another film from the celebrated film-maker sooner than expected. 


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