SUSUtv win Best Live at the NaSTA People’s Choice awards


The University of Southampton’s very own student society, SUSUtv, have won a People’s Choice NaSTA.

After previously winning the NaSTA for Best Light Comedy for their ‘SUSUtv does TopGear’, they have now gone on to win the NaSTA People’s Choice award for Best Live for their ‘Elections Night Live 2014’ feature. The award was voted for by other student TV stations.

SUSUtv cover the Sabbatical elections every year, but of course this year was especially significant, as officers such as Megan Downing, Anjit Aulakh and the current SUSU President, David Mendoza-Wolfson were voted in.

The producers for the show were Catherine Darcy and Joanna Sheldon – who also edited the video. The cube director was Xenia Zubova, while the studio was under the charge of Chris Evans, who is set to become the new SUSUtv station manager for 2015/16. The main presenters of the show were Tom Smith and Ellie Wermter  – but our very own deputy editor, Caitlin Hobbs, was also on camera, reading out messages from the Twitter stream.

The society also recently achieved an impressive milestone, in the form of 200,000 views on Youtube.

Watch the video summing up the award-winning coverage, below.


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