SUSUtv member launches trailer for The Gay Word documentary – watch


Languages graduate and SUSUtv member Amy Ashenden has released a trailer for her new documentary, The Gay Word.

In the documentary, Amy travels around the South of England to assess the usage of the word ‘gay’ in modern society and whether it should be classed as homophobic or not. Amy also questions whether language has evolved beyond this. The documentary has already received positive attention from both the media and the LGBT community – with notable praisers including BBC3 documentary presenter, Stacey Dooley and leading gay rights organisation, Stonewall.

When asked about why she decided to make the documentary, Amy said: “I really enjoyed producing [her last documentary] Working for Nothing and wanted to continue making films. I decided on this topic because it’s something I always heard at school and growing up. I still hear it today and I began to wonder ‘why?’ So making a documentary meant that I could really explore this, not only in Southampton, but across the South East.”

She added that the aim of the film was “to attract people from all walks of life,” as well as opening a dialogue between people who actively use the word and those who find it offensive.

Once released, the documentary is set to be screened at several events around the country, including Swansea Pride festival on 30th April.

Watch the trailer for The Gay Word below. For more information, follow the documentary on Facebook and Twitter or visit the website.


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