Nuffield Southampton Theatre announces Spring lineup


Nuffield Southampton Theatre, the newest branding for Highfield Campus’ Nuffield Theatre, has announced their lineup for Spring 2017.

Previously known just as ‘The Nuffield’, the NST has been re-branded with a new logo, redesigned foyer and a new website, which makes both booking and collecting tickets easier. The changes have been made to prepare for a brand-new theatre venue opening in the heart of the City of Southampton in Autumn 2017. The two theatres will be referred to as NST Campus (the current Highfield venue), and NST City. The City venue is currently being built, located opposite Southampton’s O2 Guildhall.

The major two announcements in the lineup are a modern spin on George Bernard Shaw’s satirical class-critique classic Pygmalion from 25th April to 13th May, the synopsis for which reads:  ‘Witness the transformation of Eliza Doolittle in a world where we can be digitally altered within seconds. Through video and sound technology, director Sam Pritchard’s fearless new staging interrogates class identity and social mobility in Britain today and asks us – how much do our voices still define who we are?’

Alongside this is John Steinbeck’s modern classic, The Grapes of Wrath on from 6th-25th March. NST’s website says of the show: ‘The American dust bowl. The height of the Great Depression. One family begins an epic journey, driven as much by fear as by hope. Route 66 to California, the Promised Land. In search of work. A new life.’ adding, ‘This vital new production from NST Associate Director Abbey Wright features a community chorus with live music from Matt Regan (Greater Belfast).’

Alongside these, other shows on include The Mikado, Susan Hill’s thriller-horror The Woman in Black and comedian Andy Parsons.

You can check out the full NST lineup here:


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