Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton announce ultimate weeklong cinematic experience


Showcase Cinema de Lux, situated in the Southampton Watermark centre have today announced plans for over 30 unique special events which will take place from 9th-15th June to celebrate the arts, film and music.

Notable events in the programme include a showing of the modern comedy classic Anchorman, starring Will Ferrell which promises free moustaches for all cinema-goers to unleash their inner Ron Burgundy. That sounds like kind of a big deal.  British film director Iain Softley will be at the cinema to present his classic Hackers followed by a live Q&A with film critic Mark Kermode while a special subtitled showing of Japanese mega-blockbuster Your Name is also among the events.

For those who prefer film classics, Saturday’s programme includes a late-night special showing of the iconic Amity Cove thriller-horror Jaws, while Southampton University’s Film and English associate director Dr Shelley Cobb will introduce a 4k remaster of Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

Music and theatre are also integral elements of the celebration, with Take That’s Wonderland concert being broadcast live from the O2 on the night at Showcase, while also being able to take in the Bolshoi’s stunning Swan Lake. Frederick Ashton’s mixed programme from the Royal Ballet, and the Australian Ballet’s Coppelia are also sure to enthral dance fans.

The ultimate week-long cinematic experience at Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton takes place from 9th-15th June 2017 at Showcase Cinema, Southampton Watermark Centre. Tickets, as well as a full-line up of events can be viewed here. Check out the original trailer for Jaws in preparation for the late-night showing:


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