Union Films to show Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance of Hamlet


Union Films have confirmed they will be screening National Theatre Live‘s 2015 production of Hamlet featuring Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role.

The production directed by Lydnsey Turner, which stars Cumberbatch as the doomed Danish prince was first recorded in two years ago at London’s Barbican Theatre. It is the first time that Union Films have been able to show National Theatre Live, and it is fitting they are able to mark it with an exciting and high-quality production featuring one of the world’s best known actors.

Cumberbatch’s performances received widespread acclaim at the time, and critical reviews were very positive, with Variety describing the show as”a radical reinvention with real political intent”, and Time Out lavishing it as “a decadent fantastia”.

Ironically performing alongside Cumberbatch as Ophelia is Sian Brooke, who most recently portrayed Eurus, Sherlock’s secret sister, in the fourth series of Sherlock.  The cast also includes Ciarán Hinds as Claudius, Hamlet’s murderous uncle, Anastasia Hille as Gertrude, and Leo Bill as Horatio.

Hamlet will be screened at Union Films Thursday 5th October.  Watch the trailer below:




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