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Watersprite Film Festival aims to showcase the best of student filmmaking from around the world, having an outreach of over 100 countries. The festival is run by students and is targeted towards students, making it a brilliant opportunity to consider if you’re a student filmmaker!

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a gloomy shadow over the film industry, having made it incredibly difficult for filmmakers from all backgrounds and walks of life to produce the films that they had spent all year planning and organising. Due to the difficulties surrounding filmmaking at this time, the incredible people at Watersprite Film Festival have launched a new award just for this year – the ‘Creativity in Crisis Short Film Award’.

Although the pandemic has made it incredibly difficult for many planned films to go ahead, Watersprite recognises that hundreds of young people have been exploring their creativity and challenging themselves to continue making short films despite the current climate. The ‘Creativity in Crisis Short Film Award’ aims to uncover and celebrate the most “imaginative and compelling” ways that the pandemic has been depicted by students as both an impact and influence through their short films.

To be eligible to submit your short film for the award you must fulfil a small set of criteria:

  • The film must have been shot and edited after the 11th March 2020, the date when the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a pandemic.
  • The film does not need to be explicitly about COVID-19, but the film must be inspired in some way by the events of the global pandemic, its aftermath, or your experience of containment measurement.
  • The short film can be an independent or collaborative effort, although film production should follow the advice of public health authorities and should adhere to containment measures (if any) in your country.
  • The film can take any form: fiction, animation, and documentary, music video or experimental film.

The deadline to submit your short film for the Watersprite Film Festival ‘Creativity in Crisis Short Film Award’ is 12th August 2020.

To find out more about the Watersprite Film Festival or their new award ‘Creativity in Crisis Short Film Award’ then click here.


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