Nostalgic News – Dishonored: Definitive Edition was Released 5 Years ago Today


Building upon the immense success and creativity of 2012s Dishonored, 5 years ago today Dishonored: Definitive Edition allowed players to once again to dive into the murky underbelly of Dunwall City with its refined graphics, a two-part DLC story and inventive new minigames.

Dishonoured has been widely regarded as an innovative first-person gameplay experience which successfully mixed self-contained missions, action, stealth and role-playing elements. The game was nominated for and received a countless number of awards and frequents lists of the best games ever made. Therefore, a remaster was always going to be anticipated.

The higher resolution graphics, improved textures and more vibrant colours serve to bring the industrial Victorian styled streets of Dunwall City to life. These improved graphics deepen the satisfaction of using the expansive arsenal of weapons, gadgets and abilities at the player’s disposal in varying combinations while helping to further the immersion into the already riveting original story that follows Corvo Attano on his tale of either revenge or redemption.

This edition also came with the three previously released DLC included. Dunwall City Trials draw upon the stealth, fighting and decision-making ability of the player to provide an enjoyable and challenging set of minigames that contrast the rest of the games story-based content. Furthermore, The Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches form a two-part story that follows the assassin for hire, Daud. Already known to the player for being hired to kill the Empress, this DLC begins with Daud questioning the completion of his contract on the Empress, and ends at the point in which you confront Daud and decide his fate as Corvo in the main game. This edition allowed you to play these narratives back-to-back which created an interwoven story between the two characters that are in many ways similar, ultimately adding significant depth to Daud and Corvo’s story which made this edition both fulfilling and extremely compelling for the player.

You can watch the trailer for Dishonored: Definitive Edition below


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