Nostalgic News: Prince’s HITNRUN Phase One was released 5 years ago


HITNRUN Phase One is Prince’s 38th studio album and sees Prince further experiment with his sound, we see Prince merge EDM, hip-hop and R&B on this album that received mixed reviews from critics. Prince brings new life to his former vintage sound that is first established in opening track ‘MILLION $ SHOW’ in which the drums feature an 80s flare while Prince samples his ‘Dearly Beloved’ speech that opened his 1984 hit ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.

Prince creates futuristic music – music that is above its time. This is seen with every single album he has ever created, what I personally love about this album is the bass and guitar still lead the funk groove, however other musical genres such as dance and disco play a huge role in the creation of this funky and effortless masterpiece. It has been recalled as Prince’s most collaborative album that he has ever created with a huge amount of guest musicians and vocalists such as Joshua Welton, Judith Hill, Rita Ora, Curly Fryz and Lianne La Havas.

HITNRUN Phase One has a mix of dance jams like ‘FALLINLOVE2NITE’, ‘AIN’T ABOUT 2 STOP’ and ‘X’S FACE’ which feel nostalgic and futuristic all at the same time and reimagine the eighties through a 21st-century scope. While there are also sad R&B tracks such as ‘HARDROCKLOVER’ and ‘1000 X’S & O’S’ which feature a soft and sensual guitar that often provides a calming atmosphere.

Each track perfectly transitions into the next despite them all featuring a variety of different genres; it feels refreshing and new. This is what makes Prince amazing even after 38 studio albums he is still able to transform the face of music and genre boundaries by breaking them down and creating an absolute musical masterpiece.

Prince is able to make genres his own and creating a whole new genre within itself. EDM plays a major role in the creation of HITNRUN Phase One but Prince doesn’t lose sight of the style of music that made him the legend he is. Many of the tracks feel like they could appear alongside ‘1999’, ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’. Its an electric modern pop, funk, and art mutated album; absolute genius which feels like an album you would hear in 2050, not an album that was released only 5 years ago. 

Listen to HITNRUN Phase One via NGP Records.


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