Nostalgic News: Undertale was released 5 years ago


From indie darling to worldwide beloved creation, Undertale celebrates the fifth anniversary of its release. Initially released on computers, the title has seen a jump onto consoles and a spiritual sequel Deltarune in the works from its creator.

You play the “fallen human” whose main mission is to try and find their way through the underworld of monsters in their bid to try and get back home. But how do you approach this task? Do you befriend everyone you meet, changing perspectives of the monsters and gradually bring them to love you? Talking rather than reaching for the weapons inventory?

Or do you tackle this as you would any other video game? Clearing out location after location, until nothing remains but you and the final boss? And by everything, I mean everything.

That was one of the allures of Undertale; this ability to change how people think about how they interact with video games, and turns conventions on their heads.

From the character designs to the story and even composing the soundtrack, the project was primarily the work of indie developer Toby Fox and took over 32 months to complete. The 8bit design was inspired by games from Fox’s childhood including Earthbound, most evident in the soundtrack’s design.

It’s one of those titles that has little nods to its continuity littered throughout. How many times did you tackle the most difficult fight in the game? Or did you avoid an attack you would not have known about unless you were already aware of it? Did you try both pacifist and no mercy runs in the name of completion? Undertale and its characters remember. There are nods everywhere and little easter eggs to be found around all corners.

Check out the PS4 announcement trailer for Undertale below:


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