Nostalgic News: Scream Queens was released 5 years ago


Born from the love child of Glee and American Horror StoryScream Queens was an instant hit with many viewers. It combined murder, mystery, romance, drama and was, above all else, hilarious.

I would be lying if I said I remembered exactly how the plot went. It was quite confusing and even rewatching the trailer made me recall very little about what actually happened in it. However, what I can recall is how I would sit and avidly wait with my sister to watch another episode.

Featuring a cast of famed teen celebrities, from Emma Roberts to Nick Jonas, and even Ariana Grande; Scream Queens was iridescently the coolest combination of talent in one place and encouraged watchers to get back behind the old-school style of a proper murder mystery. While gory in places, many of the deaths that occurred were genuinely funny and worked well as an effective parody against many of the genres it had mashed together.

It was a thoroughly entertaining watch and would still make entertainment headlines if it was released five years later, aged like a fine cheese. The top class acting and interesting if a slightly confusing plot made every week unexpected, and each episode one to look forward to.

Check out the trailer for Scream Queens below:


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